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CheckPoint Sensor


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CheckPoint Sensors Vision Teknik

The affordable CheckPoint On-Line/Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensors from GE Analytical Instruments allows you unsurpassed flexibility in measuring low level total organic carbon (TOC). It can be used on-line for continuous monitoring or hand-carried to any point in a water system for rapid diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting for microelectronics, pharmaceutical and power applications. The first and only battery-powered TOC measuring device, the CheckPoint TOC Sensor has also redefined portability.

The CheckPoint TOC Sensor is available in two models – the CheckPoint Pharma and the CheckPointe.

CheckPoint Pharma

The new, economical CheckPoint Pharma TOC Sensor is designed for pharmaceutical applications. The CheckPoint Pharma has a dynamic range of 0.21 to 1,000 ppb, can measure TOC in hot (up to 90 C) or ozonated water, and will operate at ambient temperatures up to 55. CheckPoint Pharma provides three analog outputs for simultaneous TOC, raw conductivity and temperature measurements to support regulatory requirements, and new USB printer support provides an affordable way to meet 21CFR Part 11 compliance. All backup sensor data is stored in memory and users can define a date range for faster data downloads. Standard operating procedures are provided for IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operation Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification) to simplify sensor validation. Its Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) meets minimum United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), Chinese Pharmacopeia (CP), and Indian Pharmacopeia (IP) requirements.


The CheckPointe, for microelectronics (semiconductor), power, and other applications, provides a wider 0.04 to 1,000 ppb operating range for more sensitive environments where hot and ozonated samples are uncommon.

CheckPoint Pharma and CheckPointCommon Features

Both models feature an Ethernet (Modbus over TCP/IP) and a USB port for convenient data download. CheckPoint requires no reagents, and is easy to operate and maintain. Calibration is typically stable for six months.

The versatile CheckPoint TOC Sensor won Instrument Business Outlook’s (IBO) 2008 Gold Award for best portable instrument design.

The GE CheckPoint Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensors let you monitor TOC on-line or sample TOC anywhere, anytime. Key features and benefits include:

TOC Monitoring Versatility and Convenience

Depending on your needs, CheckPoint Pharma or CheckPointe can be used for continuous on-line monitoring, rapid on-line monitoring, or grab sampling.

Ultra Portability

The Sievers CheckPoint TOC Sensors takes portable TOC analysis to a new level with its optional battery operation. The CheckPoint TOC Sensors can operate four or five hours using the battery, or continuously with AC power. Weighing just 3.6 kg (7.9 lb) with battery, CheckPoint gives you the freedom to sample TOC anywhere, anytime.

Rapid Analysis

CheckPoint TOC Sensors provide the rapid results and fast rinse down required for time-critical diagnostics and troubleshooting. Featuring a default measurement every 15 seconds, users can adjust output intervals up to 8 hours.

Easy to Use with Low Maintenance

The reagentless CheckPoint Sensors are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. is typically stable for six months.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

The new, economical CheckPoint Pharma TOC Sensor is designed for pharmaceutical applications, and has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that meets minimum United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), Chinese Pharmacopeia (CP), and Indian Pharmacopeia (IP) requirements.

TOC Sensor Battery Pack Kit

The CheckPoint TOC Sensor battery and charger system typically enable four to five hours of operation. Extra batteries are also available.

 CheckPoint Battery

I/O Board

The optional I/O board provides two analog outputs (TOC or Conductivity/Resistivity, Standby and Error), one binary input (remote start/stop), two alarms and 24 V supply.

Vial Sampling Kit

The Vial Sampling Kit, which attaches easily to the Sensor, allows users to measure standards and grab samples.

Low-pressure Sampling Kit

This includes Teflon and stainless steel sampling tubes and a waste bag for collecting zero-pressure samples in the laboratory or fab.

Supported Printers

The SP-500 printer, manufactured by Star Micronics, is tested and approved for use with the GE CheckPoint Sensor. It is available for purchase from GE Analytical Instruments. The part number is CHMI 97050. The SP-700 can also be used with the CheckPoint, but is not currently available from GE.

Sample Inlet Filter

The 60 µm sample inlet filter is recommended for on-line monitoring.

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Total Organic Carbon1
Linear Range (CheckPoint Pharma) 0.21 ppb to 1,000 ppb C
Linear Range (CheckPointe) 0.05 ppb to 1,000 ppb C
Instrument Accuracy2 ± 5% when measuring 500 ppb C of sucrose2,3
Precision (CheckPoint Pharma) The greater of < 1% RSD or 0.21 ppb for on-line measurements, 3.0% RSD at 500 ppb for grab samples
Precision (CheckPointe) The greater of < 1% RSD or 0.05 ppb for on-line measurements, 3.0% RSD at 500 ppb for grab samples
Analysis Modes On-line (average or timed); grab (with optional Vial Sampling Kit)
Analysis Time Selectable: 15 seconds to 8 hours on-line mode; 10 minutes grab mode
Ozone Compatibility (CheckPoint Pharma only) 50 ppb O3; 200 ppb O3 for 2 hours daily
Conductivity/Resistivity Range for TOC Max 1.4 μS/cm or Min 0.7 Mohm-cm from CO24
Conductivity/Resistivity Precision ± 0.5% RSD (20-40 °C or 68-104 °F)
Conductivity/Resistivity Accuracy ± 2.0%
Sensor Specifications
On-Line Sample Pressure 103–690 kPa (15–100 psig) (1.0–6.9 bar)
Low Pressure Samples -6.9–55 kPa (-1.0–8 psig) (-0.069–0.55 bar) with optional Low Pressure Sampling Kit
Required Sample Line Flow Rate 60 mL/min (high pressure) or 1 mL/min (low pressure
Power Requirements 100-240 ± 10% VAC, 60 W, 50/60 Hz, or battery
Temperature (CheckPoint Pharma) Sample: 10-90 °C (50-194 °F); Ambient: 10-55 °C (50-131 °F)3
Temperature (CheckPointe) Sample: 10-60 °C (50-140 °F); Ambient: 10-40 °C (50-104 °F)
Humidity 90% (80% with battery)
Altitude 3000 meters
Outputs Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP), USB, plus two 4-20 mA, two alarms, and binary input with optional I/O board
Installation/Overvoltage Category II
Dimensions H: 25.40 cm (10.0 in); W: 30.48 cm (12.0 in); D: 15.24 cm (6 in)
Dimensions with Vial Sampling Kit H: 25.40 cm (10.0 in); W: 34.87 cm (13.7 in); D: 15.24 cm (6 in)
Weight — CheckPoint 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) without battery; 3.58 kg (7.9 lb) with battery
Weight — Vial Sampling Kit 0.6 kg (1.3 lb)
Industrial Ratings and Safety Certifications CE, ETL listed. Conforms to UL Std. 61010-1. Certified to CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1. see Declaration of Conformity

1 Stated analytical performance is achievable under controlled laboratory conditions that minimize operator and standards errors.
2 Total measurement accuracy includes separate contributions from both the standards accuracy and the Instrument Accurac
3 Conductivity and accuracy specifications are met as shown above for ambient temperatures from 10–40 °C (50–104 °F). When calibrated at 40 °C, the following specifications are met at 40–55 °C (104–131 °F): conductivity accuracy is } 2.4%, and TOC accuracy is } 6.7% on 500 ppb C of sucrose.
4 Sample water quality with a conductivity >1.4 μS/cm may result in reduced TOC accuracy.


The CheckPoint Pharma’s and CheckPointe’s light weight, ultra portability, battery power option, and continuous monitoring capability make it ideal for a wide range of uses in the semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, power and other industries. Typical applications include:

  • Rapid diagnostic sampling, trending, and troubleshooting
  • Continuous on-line monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Portable check in semiconductor manufacturing
CSTD 30030-01 Conductivity Standard – CheckPoint/400 Series
Conductivity standard for Sievers 400 Series, and for CheckPoint, 25 µS/cm as HCl (30 mL), 8-week shelf life.
CSTD 31003-01 System Suitability Set – CheckPoint/400 Series
Includes 1 Rw – Reagent Water Control, 1 Rs – Standard Solution and 1 Rss – System Suitability Solution.
CSTD 97006-01 TOC Linearity Set – CheckPoint
Includes one linearity blank, and one each of 250µg C/L,
375µg C/L, and 500µg C/L as sucrose.
CSTD 97010-01 TOC Calibration Set – CheckPoint
Includes two calibration blanks, and one 500µg C/L as sucrose.

The CheckPoint Portable On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensor won the top IBO Portable Instrument Design Award for 2008.   This is the company’s second gold, since its Sievers 900 Portable TOC Analyzer won the same top IBO Portable Instruments Design Award in 2005.

IBO (Instrument Business Outlook) is a leading business newsletter that covers the entire multi-billion dollar analytical instrument industry.  The IBO Design Awards, now in their 15th year, recognize excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments, portable analytical instruments and laboratory equipment. The winners of the 2008 Awards demonstrate how industrial design can improve a product’s performance and the end-user’s experience. Award criteria includes aesthetics, functionality and features, and IBO considers hundreds of new products from every market and application served by analytical instruments.

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