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M5310 C On-Line

M Series

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M5310 C On-Line

Superior productivity

For both raw and finished water monitoring, the M5310 C promises you peace of mind when measuring organics in your plant or distribution systems. Engineered to support Disinfectants and disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBPR) compliance and with an analytical range of 4 parts-per-billion (ppb) to 50 parts-per-million (ppm), the M5310 C offers time-tested dependability with faster-than-ever analysis to help you reach the peak of productivity.

An unequalled level of efficiency and flexibility

  • Providing readings in only two minutes, the M5310 C analyzes TOC 50% faster than the 5310 C Series Analyzers.
  • Optional dual-Stream capability enables efficient sampling of two independent sample sources
  • Automated calibration, verification, and data analysis enable unattended operation.
  • The Autoreagent feature automatically establishes optimal flow rates for each sample.
  • Saved methods are now available at the instrument.

Easy to use and cost-effective

The M5310 C offers streamlined protocols, more informative error and alert messages, and a database structure for more useful ways to arrange, search and query data. Requiring only minimal preventative maintenance along with 12-month calibration stability, the M5310 C enables maximum uptime. Other feature enhancements include a large, color, and touch-screen displaying more intuitive menus.

Now with Dual-Stream capability

The M5310 C Analyzer’s optional Dual-Stream capability enables efficient sampling of two independent sample sources, without the need to alter the initial inlet setup. In addition, the M5310 C can automatically calculate percent TOC removal for influent and effluent streams or samples.

Advanced Productivity and Efficiency

  • Two-minute analysis time
  • Automated operations, such as calibration and data analysis
  • Autoreagent feature automatically establishes optimal flow rates for each sample
  • The Inorganic Carbon Remover (ICR) feature inside the Analyzer is available in all three models. The ICR enables more accurate TOC results by reducing inorganic carbon (IC) levels in sample streams with high IC/TOC ratios.
  • Integrated On-Line Sampler (iOS) system allows testing of external samples and standards without removing the Analyzer from the continuous water source.
  • The grab-mode, alphanumeric labeling feature allows individual labeling of each grab sample for easy recall later on.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

  • No external reagent or gas supplies are required, saving valuable lab space, time, and money.
  • Internal reagent packs that can be installed in minutes to achieve three to six months of uninterrupted service, depending on the application.
  • The M5310 C Series Analyzers typically require just a few hours per year of preventive maintenance.
  • It’s modular design facilitates quick consumables replacement and preventive maintenance.

12-month Calibration Stability

The M5310 C Laboratory Analyzer offers 12-month calibration stability, unlike competing analyzers that require weekly or even daily calibration. Users can select a single- or multi-point calibration. To further simplify operation, calibration calculations are performed and constants updated automatically.

Simple and Intuitive

  • Large, color, touch-screen display
  • Saved methods available at the instrument
  • At-a-glance consumables status
  • Trend data displays in tabular or graphical form

Data Communications

The M5310 C Laboratory TOC Analyzer includes industry standard 4-20 mA analog (3), binary alarms (4), and Modbus TCP/IP communications. A USB port is also available to allow easy download of data using a USB memory stick.


Self-contained in rugged dust- and spray-resistant IP-45 rated enclosure, the M5310 C combines innovative design improvements with carefully selected materials and components to ensure maximum uptime.

Dual-Stream Capability – The M5310 C Analyzer’s optional Dual-Stream capability enables efficient sampling of two independent sample sources, without the need to alter the initial inlet setup. One stream is processed for IC measurement and the other is processed for TC measurement.
Inorganic Carbon Remover (ICR) – The integrated ICR reduces inorganic carbon levels in sample streams with high IC/TOC ratios to produce more accurate TOC results. It complies with USEPA-approved methodology for IC removal, and continuously and reliably removes IC from incoming samples. No manual acidification/sparging is necessary. The ICR is quiet, compact, and fits within the M5310 C On-Line’s enclosure.
Sievers Prefilter Kits – Sievers prefilter kits provide sample conditioning to ensure optimal instrument performance. Three application-specific kits are available:  Normal Use, Heavy Use, and Treated Drinking Water.
iOS System – Unique Integrated On-Line Sampling (iOS) allows you to introduce standards without removing the instrument from the continuous sample source or changing the sample inlet configuration. It also accommodates grab samples for spot-checking TOC from other locations in a water system.  iOS

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Operating Specifications*
Range 4 ppb to 50 ppm
Precision < 1% RSD
Accuracy ± 2% or ± 0.5 ppb, whichever is greater
Display Readout 3 significant digits
Sample Type On-line continuous or discrete grab sample, timed on-line, TOC removal on-line, TOC removal grab
Calibration Typically stable for 12 months
Analysis Time 2 minutes
Sample Temperature** 5–95 °C (41–203 °F)
Ambient Temperature 4–40 °C (41–104 °F)
Sample Pressure Up to 100 psig
Required Sample Line Flow Rate >50 mL/min (for on-line mode)
Instrument Sample
Flow Rate
0.5 mL/min
Analyzer Specifications
Inlets One stream, or two-stream inlet (option)
Outputs 4-20 mA outputs (3); alarm outputs (4); binary input (1);  USB device port (1), USB host ports (2); Ethernet
Display 7” WVGA 800×480 pixel, Color  LCD w/ touch-screen
Power 100 – 240 V~, 50 – 60 Hz, 100 VA
Dimensions H: 54.9 cm (21.6 in); W: 45 cm (17.7 in); D: 26.5 cm (10.4 in)
Weight 16.2 kg (35.6 lb)
Safety Certifications ETL, CE see Declaration of Conformity
Enclosure Rating IP-45
Maximum Relative Humidity 0 – 95%, non-condensing
Maximum Altitude 3,000 m (9,800 ft)
Pollution Degree 2

* Stated analytical performance is achievable under controlled laboratory conditions that minimize operator and standards errors.
**Sample temperature above 60 °C requires optional PVDF iOS

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