5977E Series GC/MSD System

Mass Spectrometry

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  • Extractor Ion Source (Optional) – The ‘push-pull’ principle of the Extractor Ion Source delivers more ions to the mass analyzer and increases confidence of your trace analysis methods.
  • Heated Gold Quadrupole – Agilent’s proprietary heated Gold Quadrupole is unique in so many ways. The quartz, hyperbolic monolithic is the only mass filter that can be heated to 200°C without loss of resolution or mass accuracy. At the higher operation temperature, the analyzer bakes out quickly and stays clean–even with complex, high boiling samples.
  • Triple-Axis Detector (TAD) – The novel TAD design further optimizes Signal-to-Noise through the combination of efficient ion collection and amplification by the triple-channel electron multiplier (EM) and the elimination of neutral noise by the doubly off-axis position of the HED-EM.
  • GCMSD MassHunter with MSD ChemStation Data Analysis – Unified GC/MS acquisition for your Agilent 5977 and 5975 Series GC/MSD, 7000 Series GC/Triple Quad, 7200 GC/Q-TOF, and Agilent 7980 series GC. Supports the MassHunter data analysis workflow for all instruments and the classic MSD ChemStation workflows for your GC/MSD and GC only operation. MSD ChemStation Data Analysis mode provides the latest iteration of MSD ChemStation, with all the capabilities and features you expect from your Agilent GC/MSD, including DRS.
  • Twistorr 304 FS Turbo Molecular Pump – Optimized for light gas (helium, hydrogen) with Agilent reliability and quality.
  • 7650A ALS – To optimize your laboratory productivity, the 7650A ALS can handle up to 50-2mL vials.

Determination of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Milksolutions for your analytical business

Found In : Application | Date: Sep 16, 2014 | FileSize: 0.104 MB

Impact of Air Leaks on the productivity of GC and GC/MS SystemsFifteen days’ exposure to oxygen in GC carrier gas ruptured the filament and affected column bleed, retention time drift, endrin/DDT breakdown, S/N, and EMV.

Found In : Application | Date: Feb 28, 2014 | FileSize: 0.260 MB

An Economical EN71 Solution for VOCs Analysis from Toys Emission Using an Agilent 7667A Mini TD and an Agilent 5977E MSD SystemFollowing the European Standard EN 71 part 11, an economical solution for the determination of VOCs was developed on a 7820A GC with a 5977E GC/MSD Sys configured to a 7667A

Found In : Application | Date: Nov 27, 2013 | FileSize: 0.130 MB

Phthalates Analysis in Toys Using Agilent 5977E GC/MSAgilent 5977EGCMS shows good performance on phthalates analysis

Found In : Application | Date: Oct 23, 2013 | FileSize: 0.269 MB

Agilent 5977E GC/MSDThe Agilent 5977E GC/MSD is a bundled system that provides outstanding value for routine analysis.

Found In : Data Sheet | Date: Jan 31, 2013 | FileSize: 0.531 MB

Agilent 7650A ALS SpecificationThe 7650A offers the latest in robust, dependable sampling technology to keep your lab operating with maximum productivity

Found In : Data Sheet | Date: Jun 25, 2012 | FileSize: 0.457 MB

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