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6100 Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS

Mass Spectrometry

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  • Unmatched sensitivity simplifies sample preparation and LC method development
  • Agilent Jet Stream available for the 6130 and 6150 LC/MS instruments enables sub-picogram detection limits
  • Ultrafast scan speeds on all models lets you take full advantage of UHPLC separations
  • Isotopic resolution at 10,000 u/sec confirms compound identity in fast chromatography with accurate isotopic ratios
  • Integrated Control further enables Agilent’s analytical and preparative LC systems including mass-based fraction collection
  • Additional Detectors provide versatility by combining DAD, ELSA, and MS for extra confidence in compound purity assessment
  • Walkup Software facilitates easy-to-manage, open access operation by multiple users

Drug Metabolite Purification and IdentificationPurification of metabolites using Agilent Automated Purification Software and identification using accurate mass data in Mass-MetaSite software is demonstrated.
Found In : Application | Date: Nov 05, 2014 | FileSize: 1.624 MB
A Generic UHPLC/UV/MS Method for Cleaning Verification of Highly Potent DrugsThe sensitivity of UHPLC/MS method on an 6150 Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS was demonstrated for the application of cleaning verification studies of highly potent drugs.
Found In : Application | Date: May 09, 2014 | FileSize: 1.156 MB
Fast Analysis of Chiral and Structurally Related Isomers Using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Mass SpectrometryThis application note demonstrates the utility of Agilent SFC/SQ MS for fast analysis of chiral and structurally related isomers with excellent separation efficiency.
Found In : Application | Date: Jan 30, 2014 | FileSize: 1.362 MB
Purity Assessment of Drug Discovery Compound Libraries Using an Agilent Single Quadrupole LC/MS System Coupled to Diode Array and Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorsFast and automated purity assessment of synthetic compounds using Agilent 6130 single quadrupole coupled with UV and ELSD detectors.
Found In : Application | Date: Apr 03, 2013 | FileSize: 2.344 MB
Fast determination of residual glycerol and glycerides in biodiesel by SFC/MS using the Agilent 1260 Infinity Analytical SFC SystemSFC in combination with MS detection is a valuable technique for the determination of glycerol and
Found In : Application | Date: Nov 02, 2012 | FileSize: 0.791 MB
Enhancing the Productivity of Pharmaceutical Workflows Using the Agilent 6150 Single Quadrupole Mass SpectrometerAn LC/MS method, using an Agilent 6150 Single Quad Mass Spec and a 1290 Infinity LC System, identified 9 active pharmaceutical ingredients in a 2 minute run.
Found In : Application | Date: Jul 06, 2012 | FileSize: 0.575 MB
Fast Screening Methods for Beta Blockers by HPLC with Agilent Poroshell 120 ColumnsMethod development with generic gradients quickly identifies solutions for beta blockers.
Found In : Application | Date: Jun 25, 2012 | FileSize: 0.534 MB
Determination of polymer additives and migration products prevalent in food packaging materialApplication note for the determination of polymer additives and migration products prevalent in food packaging material
Found In : Application | Date: Feb 02, 2012 | FileSize: 0.877 MB
Determination of phthalate migration from toysApplication note for the determination of phthalate migration from toys
Found In : Application | Date: Jan 23, 2012 | FileSize: 0.805 MB
Rapid, Sensitive, and Robust Detection of Phthalates in Food Using GC/MS or LC/MSApplication note for rapid, sensitive, and robust detection of phthalates in food using GC/MS or LC/MS
Found In : Application | Date: Jan 04, 2012 | FileSize: 1.583 MB

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