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6500 Series Accurate Mass Quadrupole (Q-TOF) LC/MS

Mass Spectrometry

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  • Achieve femtogram-level sensitivity – iFunnel increases ion transfer to achieve the lowest detection levels of any high resolution LC/MS instrument.
  • Maintain resolution and mass accuracy – Ion Beam Compression and Shaping (IBCS) technology provides the greatest sensitivity while maintaining 40k mass resolution and sub ppm mass accuracy from m/z 20-10,000.
  • Reach new scan speeds – New electronics and software algorithms enable scanning of up to 50 spectra per second.
  • Improve sensitivity for high-throughput applications – Agilent Jet Stream technology combined with improved ion optics provide 5x greater on-column sensitivity and increase up time to maintain the highest sensitivity for high throughput applications.
  • Increase dynamic range – In-spectrum dynamic range of up to 5 orders of magnitude reveals trace-level targets, even in the presence of much more abundant compounds.
  • Ensure high-quality data – Automated tuning optimizes system performance to ensure high quality data for a broad spectrum of applications.
  • Powerful MassHunter Workstation Software takes advantage of accurate mass MS and MS/MS and high definition isotopic data to facilitate profiling, characterization, identification and quantification of compounds in complex mixtures.
  • New All Ions MS/MS Technique for Targeted and Untargeted Screening on TOF and Q-TOF LC/MS

Characterization of Red Yeast Rice Products and Raw MaterialsRed yeast rice is characterized by pigment and monacolin content using LC/Q-TOF. Monacolins, sudan red g, and the mycotoxin citrinin are quantified using LC/DAD.
Found In : Application | Date: Feb 10, 2015 | FileSize: 0.549 MB
Screening and Quantitation of 240 Pesticides in Difficult Food Matrixes Using the Agilent 6545 Q-TOF LC/MS SystemThe 6545 Q-TOF helps every user optimize sensitivity for small molecule compounds. See proof of performance with this analysis of 240 pesticides and pesticide metabolites
Found In : Application | Date: Jan 23, 2015 | FileSize: 1.056 MB
UHPLC/MS Profiling of Nonvolatiles in Whiskeys Using the Agilent 6530 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS and Mass Profiler ProfessionalMass Profiler Professional is used with Q-TOF data to discriminate whiskies using molecular feature extraction. Auto MS/MS and PCDL are used to identify markers.
Found In : Application | Date: Nov 26, 2014 | FileSize: 0.237 MB
Characterization of Steroidal Saponins From Two Dioscorea Species Using Liquid Chromatography and the Agilent 6500 Series Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MSSteroidal saponins in two species of yams are characterized by high resolution accurate mass measurement MS/MS and the MS is used to differentiate the two species.
Found In : Application | Date: Jun 12, 2014 | FileSize: 0.586 MB
Approaches to Food Varietal Differentiation Using Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS with Molecular Feature Extraction, Database Mining, and Principal Component AnalysisMass Profiler Professional with Q-TOF LC/MS Used to Characterize Food Varieties with Onions as the Exemplar
Found In : Application | Date: Nov 15, 2013 | FileSize: 1.421 MB
High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (LC/Q-TOF/MS) for the Detection of Pharmaceuticals in WaterThe accurate mass capability and software tools used with Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS have enabled the screening of trace pharmaceuticals in various water sources
Found In : Application | Date: Nov 01, 2013 | FileSize: 0.792 MB
High-throughput Analysis of DNA Modifying Enzymes by an Agilent RapidFire 360 SystemRapidFire/TOF/MS facilitates the high-throughput analysis of epigenetic modifications and repair events on DNA at 8 seconds per sample.
Found In : Application | Date: Oct 15, 2013 | FileSize: 0.469 MB
Agilent Applications for Biopharmaceutical Development and QA/QCBioPharma Applications Compendium: AGILENT APPLICATIONS FOR BIOPHARMACEUTICAL DEVELOPMENT AND QA/QC
Found In : Application | Date: Oct 02, 2013 | FileSize: 12.382 MB
UHPLC-ESI Accurate-Mass Q-TOF MS/MS Approaches for Characterizing the Metabolism and Bioavailability of Quercetin in HumansLC/QTOF MS and MS/MS to identify flavonoid metabolites in plasma using database searching and molecular correlation software
Found In : Application | Date: Sep 20, 2013 | FileSize: 1.411 MB
pMod – An Advanced Protein Deconvolution Algorithm with Automated Peak Modeling for Charge Deconvolution of Mass Spectrometry DataNew peak modeling deconvolution (pMod) algorithm provides results with less artifacts, precise zero-charge mass measurement, and enhanced resolution of protein peaks
Found In : Application | Date: May 29, 2013 | FileSize: 1.158 MB

Agilent 6545 Q-TOF SpecificationTechnical spefications for the Agilent 6545 Q-TOF
Found In : Data Sheet | Date: Jan 23, 2015 | FileSize: 0.443 MB

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